Pilgerwanderungen auf dem Olavsweg, Norwegen Pilgrim Walks along the St. Olav Way, Norway "Einmal ein Pilger, immer ein Pilger" "Once a Pilgrim, always a Pilgrim"
Pilgerwanderungen auf dem Olavsweg, NorwegenPilgrim Walks along the St. Olav Way, Norway           "Einmal ein Pilger, immer ein Pilger"                                 "Once a Pilgrim, always a Pilgrim" 


"Eat, Sleep, Walk, Eat, Sleep, Walk" by Janet Hall.  I find this book to be a great resource before you start your pilgrimage. It helps you prepare for your journey in many ways. I have given this book as a present to several friends, as well as to may husband his his friend to prepare for their first pilgrimage.

This book is only available directly from the author, who currently lives in Sweden. You can find it on Janet's website at www.pilgrimpatterns.com or by contacting her: janet@pilgrimpatterns.com.  

The historic novel "Kristin Lavransdatter" by Sigrid Unset is an absolut must for an St. Olav Way pilgrim. This trilogy takes place in the 14th century and tells the life of Kristin. She grows up on a farm in Gudbrandsdalen. In her lifetime she goes for various reasons three times on a pilgrimage on what is now known as the St. Olav Way. When reading this book after your walk along the Gudbrandsdalen Path of the St. Olav Way, you will recall places you have seen, vistied, and walked along.

1928 Sigrid Unset received the Nobel Prize for her masterpiece. Needless to say, these are three fantastic books, even when they are not always easy to read.



"Pilegrim - Lengsel, vandring, tenkning - før og nå" by Roger Jensen. If you are fluent in Norwegian, this is a fantastic book to read about the history of and various reasons for going on a pilgrimage - in the past and today.

Roger is the Director of the Pilgrim Center in Oslo and pilgrim priest. As such he also guides pilgrims on the St. Olav Way and provides spiritual guidance along the way. In addition, he is a senior research fellow and post. doc. at the University of Oslo, Department of Theology.

I had the pleasure of walking with Roger on the St. Olav Way during Pilegrimsleden's Langvandring in the summmer of 2015 and 2016. He has been a true spiritual inspiration, is an expert on the topic of pilgrimages and on a broad range of theological questions. We had the great fortune of him sharing his extensive knowledge with us during our pilgrimages.

We hope to meet him at the Pilgrim Center in Oslo, just before we start our pilgrimage.



Over time I will add resources that you might find useful. Please visit again.



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