Pilgerwanderungen auf dem Olavsweg, Norwegen Pilgrim Walks along the St. Olav Way, Norway "Einmal ein Pilger, immer ein Pilger" "Once a Pilgrim, always a Pilgrim"
Pilgerwanderungen auf dem Olavsweg, NorwegenPilgrim Walks along the St. Olav Way, Norway           "Einmal ein Pilger, immer ein Pilger"                                 "Once a Pilgrim, always a Pilgrim" 

Our Walk on the Pilgrim Path St. Olav Way in Norway


Our pilgrimage can also be found on the Norwegian and official St. Olav Way website www.pilegrimsleden.no.



Viking Walks offers, in cooperation with Camino Walks (Norway), guided group pilgrimages along the St. Olav Way in Norway.


We guide groups along the beautiful stretch from Dovre to Trondheim on the Gudbrandsdalen path of the St. Olav Ways. The walk will also take us through the scenic mountains of the Dovrefjell national park and all the way to Trondheim, where St. Olav, Norway’s martyred King and patron saint, is buried.


What to expect

Walking on the St. Olav Way in Norway is a unique nature and cultural experience, and for many also a spiritual experience. It is an outer and inner journey -- a journey by foot that allows you to slow down, contemplate, and renew your energy.

On the walk you will experience Norway’s scenic and varied landscapes, as well as Norway’s culture and Norwegian hospitality in a slow, gentle, and special way.  


From our experience, there is no better way to get to know a country, its people, and culture than by traveling by foot. This includes meeting local Norwegians, who will share their cultural traditions with us, including local and traditional food.



As Goethe said: “You have been to a place only if you have walked there by foot”


Program Overview


Date: July 15 - July 30, 2019

Price 2019: Norwegian Krona (NOK) 18.995,-

(EUR 1995,- or approx. US$ 2,250)



Group size: max. 13 participants

Guides: Sabine Farrar and Kari Børrud

Walking stretch: Dovre to Trondheim

Distance: 275 km/170 miles

Daily walking distances: vary; on average, between ca. 15 km and ca. 26 km.

Difficulty: varies from easy to challenging


Luggage transport

Your luggage (1large backpack per person) will be transported to and from our accommodations. During our daily walks you will need only a daypack with essentials.



They will vary along the way between simple historic pilgrim lodges/hostels (for example, old historic farms and working farms) to historic hotels, small campground lodges, community houses, or similar.


The accommodations are generally small to medium-sized places. They are not comparable to the huge pilgrim hostels (Albergues) on the Camino de Santiago. You usually will share a room with several pilgrims from our group.



At our accommodations, we will be served breakfast and in most cases dinner. For lunch, we will make lunch sandwiches to take on our walk.



You are responsible for organizing your trip to Oslo. One of us will meet the group in Oslo and together we will travel by train or bus to Dovre/Dombas, the starting point of our pilgrimage. 



You are responsible for organizing your trip from Trondheim to your home or follow-on destination.


Travel insurance

Norway is a very expensive country, and medical services are no exception. We highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance that includes health insurance and trip cancellation insurance.


The max number of participants is 13, plus Sabine and Kari, a driver/cook. 


Further Information and Registration

For questions and further information, please contact Sabine at sfarrar@vikingwalks.com

To register for the pilgrimage, please fill out the registration form below or contact Kari at: borrudkari@gmail.com


Registration Form (English)

Registreringsskjema (Norwegian)