Pilgerwanderungen auf dem Olavsweg, Norwegen Pilgrim Walks along the St. Olav Way, Norway "Einmal ein Pilger, immer ein Pilger" "Once a Pilgrim, always a Pilgrim"
Pilgerwanderungen auf dem Olavsweg, NorwegenPilgrim Walks along the St. Olav Way, Norway           "Einmal ein Pilger, immer ein Pilger"                                 "Once a Pilgrim, always a Pilgrim" 

About us

Kari and I (Sabine) are both the tour organizers and guides of all our offered pilgrim walks.

Sabine Farrar


I am a Physical Education and Geography teacher. For 11 years 

I have taught Physical Education (K-8) at a private school outside Washington, D.C., in the United States. I was born and raised in Germany and moved to the States in 2002 with my husband. I returned to Germany in 2018 and live now in Stuttgart. I speak fluently German and English.


On my first pilgrimage along the St. Olav Way in 2014, I fell in love with the pilgrim path and Norway. I was taken by the nature, culture, traditions, and the warm hospitality of the Norwegians – and, of course, with walking a pilgrimage. Ever since that first pilgrimage, my passion for the St. Olav Way, for pilgrimages, and for Norway has grown stronger.


Since 2014, I have walked several pilgrimages on the St. Olav Way, and walked the entire Gundbrandsdalen path from Oslo to Trondheim twice.

I also have guided and co-guided groups twice on different stretches of the St. Olav Way. 



Kari Børrud


Kari was born in Sweden, and grew up and lives in Norway. She is also a teacher and has taught English for 20 years at a high school in Oslo. In addition, she worked with the Norwegian Peace Corps (NORAD) as a teacher in Africa for two years. Currently she teaches Norwegian to refugees in Norway.


Kari lives in Norway near the St. Olav Way in the Gudbrandsdalen Valley and knows the pilgrim path very well. In 2010 she walked with a group from Lillehammer to Trondheim, and the following year she began guiding groups.


Since 2003, Kari has also walked regularly on the Camino de Santiago in Spain. With her company Camino Walks, she frequently guides groups on the St. Olav Way, as well as on the Camino de Santiago.


Kari speaks fluently Norwegian, English, and Swedish.



We both look forward to sharing this exceptional experience of walking on the St. Olav Way with you, and enjoying the nature, culture, and hospitality of the Norwegians along the path. 

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