Pilgerwanderungen auf dem Olavsweg, Norwegen Pilgrim Walks along the St. Olav Way, Norway "Einmal ein Pilger, immer ein Pilger" "Once a Pilgrim, always a Pilgrim"
Pilgerwanderungen auf dem Olavsweg, NorwegenPilgrim Walks along the St. Olav Way, Norway           "Einmal ein Pilger, immer ein Pilger"                                 "Once a Pilgrim, always a Pilgrim" 

Guided Walks along the St. Olav Way in Norway



Pilgrim Walks on the St. Olav Way 


Dear Pilgrims,


Thank you for your interest in a guided pilgrimage on the St. Olav Way in Norway with Kari and me.


For the summer 2022 we have planned a pilgrimage from Hamar to Dovre from July 11 - July 23. 

If you wish to receive our program information for our pilgriamge in summer 2022, please E-Mail me and I'll be happy to send you the information. If you wish to be informed about future pilgrimages on the St. Olav Way with us, please also send me an e-mail and I gladly add you to our mailing list. We send out our program information only once a year, usually in September or October.


Initial information about our guided pilgrimage(s) you find at “Our Program”. 

We look forward to hearing from you and to walk with you on this fantastic path.


Kind greetings from

Sabine and Kari



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We speak EnglishGermanNorwegian, and Swedish.


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